1. 1983

    Foundation of the Company by brothers Aluísio, Gustavo and Marcos José Moura Dubeux. The three young engineers launched an unprecedented and bold project: construction of a luxury building, with apartments of over 500 m2, under a condominium regime and construction at cost. They wanted good apartments to live in and they reached their goal with the support of a group of friends.

  2. 1990

    Delivery of MD’s first project in Recife – Morada Apipucos. One unit per floor, with 530m² of floor space and features that were innovative at the time, such as a full generator. At the beginning of the decade, MD launched its first projects on Boa Viagem (PE) beach, which enjoyed high demand, due to an excellent cost-benefit ratio, enabling the expansion of the Company’s business.

  3. 1999

    Debut in the second home segment with the launch of Beach Class Suites. Driven by the need to further diversify the portfolio to include smaller units with a lower ticket, MD began operating in the second home segment with the launch of the Beach Class line (hotels and service flats catering to foreign visitors and middle- and high-income clients).

  4. 2001-2006

    2001 – First company in Pernambuco to obtain ISO 9001 certification in construction and real estate development.
    2004 – The most recalled brand in the real estate category in Pernambuco for the first time. For 16 consecutive years, MD has been the brand recall champion in PE, according to the JC brand recall award by Jornal do Comércio newspaper.
    2006 – Creation of the VIVEX brand to build affordable housing.

  5. 2007

    We reached the mark of 1.05 million m2 delivered in 79 projects.

    Beginning of expansion into the Northeast – In order to mitigate the risk of operating in a single city and gaining space and new opportunities, MD decided to expand to cities close to Recife (Natal and Fortaleza, to the north, and Maceió and Salvador, to the south).

    Beginning of MDUrbanismo’s activities – the Company’s arm focused on prospecting and developing large areas, buying land by the hectare and selling units by the square meter of built area.

  6. 2008-2013

    2008 – MD was elected for the second time one of the 100 best companies to work for in Brazil.

    2009 – Beginning of the partnership with MRV and access to the capital market with first debenture issue. We reached the mark of 66 towers under construction.

    2011 – MD reached over R$1 billion in sales

    2013 – We reached the mark of 2 million m² built.

  7. 2014-2019

    2014 – Launch of the project with the largest CEF funding in the Northeast, Aurora Trend, with 768 units.

    2017 – Delivery of the 200th project, totaling 3 million m² built.

    2018 – MD celebrated its 35th anniversary.

    2019 – Beginning of MD’s Innovation project.

  8. 2020

    MD’s IPO at B3 with R$1.04billion funding
    New visual identity
  9. 2021

    Consolidation of the Moura Dubeux brand and leadership in the Northeast. Announcement of the beginning of operations in 2 more capitalS, João Pessoa and Aracaju.