The Company adopts sustainability practices in the projects it develops. To this end, the Company developed an Integrated Management System (“SGI”), adapted to the Company’s specific reality and based on (1) NBR ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems – Requirements, (2) PBQP-H – Brazilian Habitat Quality and Productivity Program, (3) OHSAS 18001 – OHS Management System – Guidelines for the implementation of OHSAS and (4) NBR ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems – Specification and guidelines for use. The following procedures are covered by SGI:

Some projects are being regularized with the IBAMA. It is worth mentioning a recent change in the current legislation: IBAMA Normative Instruction 11, of April 13, 2018, changed the aforementioned rule and registration may be waived.

The social and environmental management system currently adopted by the Company seeks to ensure that its activities meet the legal requirements and applicable standards, always committed to reducing the environmental and social impacts of its services. Nevertheless, the Company is constantly improving its sustainability mechanisms so that it can reach excellence in environmental management.